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Friday, January 18, 2013


Mlimani Park Orchestra with their famous music style ‘Sikinde’ last night were at the Golden Three Pub in Mwenge performing mostly their oldies, and still driving people wild as they have been doing for more than 30 years of the bands existence.  Maabadi who is also a long time musician was one of the audience and he was saying again and again ‘ I feel like crying’. What compliment could be greater than that? Max Bushoke an old member of this band who now works in Broadcasting organization in South African was an added value of the sweet evening, he sang  his old hits ‘ Ugomvi wa baba na mama’, ‘Kiu ya jibu’ What more could a Sikinde fan want? Bitchuka one of my everlasting vafourite singer was leading the band with his still unique voice, singing many of the songs that Tanzanians have grown up loving. All I can say is that Sikinde alive and well.


  1. my dear i was there too sikinde is back am telling u n inthe competition with msondo my dear sikinde was up in all the angles coz the tune of sikinde is the same since ememorial but msondo are out of the msondo we know all these years all in all big up SIKINDE and the power of max bushoke with new blood of Hemba it was superb am telling u it was good today will go to msondo at leaders to see there part

    1. 2013 is going to see the come back of the live bands

    2. Sure it was wonderful! Bitchuka is still on fire, Bushoke was great too! I couldn't believe myself seeing Bitchuka & Bushoke on stage - what a reunion! What drove me crazy was their ability to perfom the songs the same way they used to do in the 80s! Siri kubwa ya ku connect na mashabiki wao ni ku maintain style waliyoipenda tangu mwanzo. I think Msondo should learn from that too, wasijaribu kuwaiga vijana na kusahau ushauri wa bure tu! Big up Nginde.