Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Supershine Modern Taarab rehearsing

The Supershine Modern Taarab aka Kata Kiu, came into being in April 2002, when a group of musicians from the then  oldest surviving Taarab Group Egyptian Musical Club (b 1930) got together and came up with this new group. The group is based in Dosi Street, Magomemi, one of the oldest areas of Dar es salaam.  The group has since then been hired in hundreds of wedding ceremonies, performed im many places through out the country. And has so far released 5 albums
i. Ubabane na nani?
ii. Kiokote
iii. Hunishtui
iv. Mola Kaninyooshea
v. Professional Love
 If you want the group just call the groups secretary-0715578755. I was invited to attend their rehearsals, here are some othe pictures of the group rehearsing.
(R)Abdallah Haji aka Mbwigambwiga-lead guitar

Ally Mikidadi aka Highlight

Amuri Amuri

Hassan Zumo

(L) Khadija Mohamed...vocals

Zaina Mteza, Nuru Moshi, Hawa Omary, Saum Mohamed

Mohamed Mkopi

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