Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Tanzania has a population of around 44m. This population is made up of more than 120 tribes, which have varying traditions and cultural values and therefore having a wide variety of music styles. Traditional music is not that 'popular' with the country's local media, actually you hardly see an article or a TV or radio program on the music. The most popular music is the urban computer generated music which has been branded Bongoflava. The word covers a wide array of music, and some grey areas where a musician not performing the computer generated also being included as a Bongoflava musician, depending on a number of complex issues including the musicians history. Tanzania also has a number of 'live' bands playing music with influences mostly from the local traditional music and Congolese Soukus. Then there is a big group of Gospel musicians, Taarab music, which now has a brand which it calls modern Taarab, mostly because of the fact that a single synthesizers is used instead of a traditional orchestra that backed the Taarab singers.
This blog will bring you information on any music it can get information on, and the blog will be in English being a sister blog to two other kiswahili blogs on Tanzanian music www.musicintanzania.blogspot.com  and www.muzikiwatanzania.blogspot.com

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