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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Kabeya Badu a Congolese singer who moved into Tanzania in the late 70s and joined the then popular group Orchestra Maquis, and shortly later joined the Safari sound Orchestra where he stayed for a number of years, moved back back to Maquis for a short while and then shifted to Tancut Almasi Orchestra a band from Iringa in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania where he stayed and also married Nuru who hails from there. He moved back to Dar after the band collapsed, again joined Maquis before teaming up with King Kiki's Wazee Sugu where he was until his death yesterday morning due to Kidney failure.  Kabeya will be remembered by his massive hit while with the OSS, the song ZIADA. And Tancut Almasi fans will remember him by the song Anna marie.

                                May he Rest In Peace Amen

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