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Friday, March 8, 2013


Just as you enter the Kinondoni cemetery, on your left there are two graves that are quite close, they belong to two artists who never knew each other and have died 35 years apart, and there was never any intention of having the graves near each other.
These are the graves of Steven Kanumba an actor who died in April 2012 and Isiaka Gobby a musician with Orchestra Makassy who died in September 1977.
Steve was an excellent actor/Isiaka was an excellent singer
Steve was very handsome young man/ Isiaka was also very handsome
Steve died suddenly from injuries sustained from a suspected fight with his girlfriend/ Isiaka wa beaten and slaughtered rumors were because of a love affair
Steve was 28/ Isiaka was 28 Both are buried at Kinondoni
May their souls rest in peace Amen

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