Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Launching of the study on economic contribution of copyright- based industries in Tanzania

On the 27th -29th May, 2013 there was an event of launching of the study on economic contribution of copyright- based industries in Tanzania and workshop on the performance and economic contribution of copyright-based industries, A very educative, interesting and mind challenging event which was organized by
the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in cooperation with the

Copyright Society in Tanzania (COSOTA) and the Tanzania Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA). The three-day event is going on the first floor of the Water front Building.
Several papers have been tabled, as follow:

 Topic 1. Economic Contribution of Creative Industries in Tanzania: Major Results of the Study - Speaker: Prof. Dickson Nyariki – University of Nairobi Faculty of Agriculture – Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology

Topic 2. Development of Copyright Law in Tanzania- Speaker: Ms. Doreen Anthony Sinare – COSOTA

Topic 3. Landscape of Creative Industries in Tanzania - Speaker: Ms. Alinda Lema – BRELA

Topic 4. Opportunities and Challenges facing Creative Industries in Tanzania Speaker: Mr. John Kitime – Local Musician

Topic 5. Managing Copyright in Creative Industries - Speaker: Dr. Saudin Mwakaje – Nex Law Advocates – Tanzania

Topic 6. Building Creative Industries Support Institutions in Tanzania - Speaker: Ms. Maureen Fondo – COSOTA

Topic 7. Studying the Economic Contribution of Copyright Industries: The International Context - Speaker: Mr. Christopher Kalanje – WIPO

Topic 8. Data Sources and Data Collection Practices Pertaining to Measuring Creative Industries: Challenges and Solution - Speakers: Prof. Dickson Nyariki, Ms. Doreen Anthony Sinare, Ms. Alinda Lema

Topic 9. Collective Management Organizations and their Role in Data Collection Industries - Speaker: Mr. G. Robert Hooijer – Independent Consultant South Africa

Topic 10. Role of Copyright in the Growth of Creative Industries - Speaker: Mr. G. Robert Hooijer

Topic 11. Developing Creative Industries Strategies in Tanzania - Speaker: Mr. Godfrey Mngereza – Acting Executive Secretary National Arts Council – BASATA

Topic 12. Policy Framework for Boostering Competitiveness of Creative Enterprises - Speaker: BRELA

Topic 13. Financing for Creative Industries:
Opportunities and Challenges in Tanzania - Speaker: Dr. Jehovaness Aikaeli – Economist –
University of Dar-es-Salaam

Topic 14. WIPO Creative Industries Activities and Tools - Speaker: Mr. Christopher Kalanje

Topic 15. Future Cooperation - Moderators: WIPO – COSOTA – BRELA

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