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Monday, June 17, 2013


Evening of Friday 14th, was a memorable day for music enthusiasts in Dar es Salaam. Two great shows were line up together. What made the shows memorable was the heat generated by the fact that the shows were both postponed earlier due to the death of Albert Ngwear, the Hiphop artist and they had also by then generated heated debates on why had the organizers allowed the shows to be held on the same day at the same time. After the postponement again the two shows ended up being on the same day at the same time. Lady Jd celebrating 13 years in music had her show at her home ground Nyumbani Lounge, and Mwana FA putting up the show at Makumbusho ya Taifa Hall.
In every way both shows were a success, Mwana FA was performing in 400 seat hall, at 50,000/- per seat, which he reported was filled to capacity, Lady JD had  special sitting 50,000/- tickets, which were reported to have been sold out hours before the show, she also had 20,000/- tickets no report on the number of sales, but the place was packed to capacity.
Crowd at Nyumbani Lounge

Crowd at Makumbusho ya Taifa Hall

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