Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The meeting was convened by Tanzania Musicians network (TMN)  has been very successful. Attendance of musicians of different types of music, including traditional musicians, Taarab musicians, muziki wa dansi, bongoflavour and gospel musicians was a big plus, also in attendance were managers of various musicians and bands and producers. This was a success because it showed the real meaning of the network.John Time Network chairman explained that Tanzanian musicians  must work hard to catchup their fellow musicians from other African countries. Musicians were told the importance of using internet technology, and  every musician has to have an email addressand register with social networks like Facebook and use that to advertise their musical works. Musicians were invited to use the Networks' blog www.tanzaniamusicians.blogspot.com and  send their adverts,  announcements, photos of various events and personal activity such as birthdays, weddings and so on and also send to their songs to be posted in the blog. The musicians were instructed to send their work through the e mail address musicnettz@gmail.com.The General Secretary, Abraham Kapinga talked about the location of the new office,  the musicians were told that the office is located near  American Chips in Kinondoni along Chadema Street. As the office needs cleaning musicians agreed to meet at the office and do the cleaning tommorrow 14 August 2013. The vocalist Hussein Jumbe donated 4 chairs for office.The Treasurer, Asha Salvador informed members that several office equipment has been purchased including chairs, table fan, and stationary.Other important details that were given were about membership. Forms for membership are  1000/-,  Annual fee is  5,000 / - and Admission fee is 20,000 / -.Delegates were given time to offer ideas and suggestions. One of the delegates asked for the Network to facilitate seminars on administration of music groups. Another delegate volunteered to monitor procedures to ensure musicians participate in the ongoing program on the Proposed National Constitution. One of the delegats informed the meeting that he has just returned from a foreign country where he had training on vocal control, and wanted the Network to facillitate traing vocal control for singers.Another delegate wanted the Network to be a platform to eradicate the tension between Bongoflava musicians and the older musicians
 The issue of the rampant corruption among members of the broadcasting organisation was discussed. One member explained that it now costs one million shillings in kickbac just to have a song aired. The money is divided among broadcasting staff, begining with the person who feeds the playlist in the organisation's computers. The situation is the same in the Gospel music radios the only difference is the amount of payment is much smaller.The deleg

ates wanted the organisation to work on making sure broadcasters begin paying broadcasting rights as the law has wanted them to since 2003. The musicians ended the meeting with filling in membership forms for new members.


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