Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Tanzania Dancer have at last formed their own association, which they have registered as Tanzania Dancers Association. Apart from having national office bearers the organisation has gone as far as forming one regional and three district branches. The National Chairperson is Lady Husna and the General Secretary is Chino Loketo
Husna and Chino
This Monday the organisation held a big meeting at the Garden breeze Bar in Magomeni several famous musicians were invited and the Chairman of the Tanzania Musicians Network, John Kitime, was invited as the Guest of Honour. Other  invited guests included Waziri Ally, from the Kilimanjaro Band, Nyoshi El Sadaat the President of FM Academia Band, Ally Chocky the Band leader Extra bongo Band and Hussein Tendega aka Hussein Macheni was there too. Nyoshi donated 100,000/- shillings to the organisation while Ally Chocky and Macheni both made pledges of 200,000/- each. In his speech the guest of honour praised them for having come up with their organisation and offered to help them with strengthening their constitution and making possible introductions with Dancing Association outside Tanzania. The Dancers gave several astounding performances as the videos below show

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