Sunday, March 9, 2014


Tanzanian artists last month sent a delegation of 12 artists to Dodoma to campaign  for two demands that they would like to be in the new constitution.  The first demand is for artists to be mentioned in the constitution as a special group, as have been mentioned other groups lake farmers, pastorals and fishermen, there are a number of reasons, why artists demand this;
 1. A 2006 report by the National Arts Council gives the population of artists at 6m.
2. Artists are a source of a huge income, and employment, as per WIPO 2010 report the contribution of this sector to the National economiy is bigger than the mining industry.
The artists would also want Intellectual Property Rights be included in the rights tha are mentioned in the Constitution
Artists have started recording songs, the Hiphop version of the song is already being aired in radios around the country, videos should be ready this week. Cartoonists too are busy drawing cartoons on the campaign.

Meeting with CA member Maria Sarungi

Artists meeting with CCM MPs

Chairman of the Tanzania Musicians network John Kitime standing with CHADEMA MP John Mnyika after a two hour meeting

Oppostion MPs getting the artists position

Artists in a meeting with MPs

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