Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Sometimes I try to be a bit serious and talk some serious stuff, I try to help my neighbors, maybe this could get me to heaven. But the serious problem is in this country, my beloved Bongoland aka Tanzania, everybody knows everything.  Trying to help many times is useless. Everyone knows every answer to all the football questions, if you don’t believe me just stop anyone in the street and ask them what should be done to change the luck of  this famous team Arsenal?  You will get very good answers including excellent ones which would suggest the change of the team witch doctor. But today I will not be asking questions, I will be giving solutions. Solutions to parents who think they know everything but scientific researches are proving that they don’t know much. Every parent who makes some good money knows that you have to send your kid to an ‘International school’. This allows you to sit with other parents and be able to discuss the problems facing kids in International school. You automatically stop being friends with parents who don’t have kids who can speak English, I mean like what can you talk about?
Now when your kid joins an International School, his or her report reflects what the school feels about you. If you have problems paying your fees, your kid’s report will be different from the kid whose school fees is trouble free. Now here is how to read your kids report, that is if you have paid all your fees properly. When the report arrives this is how it should be translated;
1.      Your child has a high capacity of getting information from his fellow children- It means you kid is an expert at copying and pasting.
2.      Your child is a happy child full of vitality and strength- Your child is so troublesome I wish I could give him sleeping pills
3.      Your child is full of innovations- He is a big liar
4.      Your child is a quite boy who prefers to sit quietly for hours going through his books- He is a lazy bum
5.      Your child has a high capacity of explaining himself- Your kid never agrees on anything.
6.      Your child is adventurous –He is never in the school compound .
7.      Your child has retained a lot of his childhood qualities that made him your favorite kid- He pees on himself.
 Well don’t say I didn’t tell you

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