Tuesday, June 21, 2016


VF510 Army Tank
There are a lot of  people who can't read Kiswahili newspapers, guys you are missing a lot of fun. These papers write stories for Tanzanians, which everyone knows will not be read by donors and tourist. So this is where the fun is. My blog will be bringing you newspaper stories the upper class never gets to see.Lets start with this story that came up on 20th Tuesday 2016.
 According to one local newspaper, Dira Jumatatu, 20 villagers from Tondoroni village in Kisarawe District have been charged with stealing army tank model IVF80 and hiding it in their village. According to this paper the case was brought up to the court and the presiding Magistrate Hon Pangusa was so surprised that he asked,"Was the tank in a plastic bag or was it in box that it became so easy for the villagers to steal? And where were the army guards all the time?" According to paper, a senior District police officer, Issa mohamed Mtavi answered by explaining to the Magistrate that the tank wasn't very heavy as 12 people could easily carry it in their arms. The Magistrate said he didn't believe that so he wanted to see the tank with his own eyes, unfortunately the paper tells us that the judge never made the trip to check the tank.
A few hours after the paper had hit the streets, the army spokesman called a press conference, and said the army had not lost a tank and demanded the paper to come up with an a apology.

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