Monday, August 15, 2016

Serebuka Music Festival 2016, two years of Star times Kiswahili Chanel

 Ally Salehe 'Ali Kiba' performing during the just ended music festival celebrating two years of of Star Times Swahili Chanel. The festival named Serebuka Festival took place at the Posta Kijitonyama grounds on Saturday, The event was sponsored by Huawei Tanzania.
  Snura Mushi, entertaining at the festival
Juma Kassim 'Juma Nature' on stage
 'Stamina' entertaining the crowd of music fans
Crowd following the Serebuka Music festival
Two of the top artists in Tanzania, Judith Wambura 'Lady Jay Dee' and  Ali Salehe 'Ali Kiba' made a big difference by performing their music to a live band during the  Serebuka Music Festival 2016, that took place at the Posta Kijitonyama Grounds in Dar es Salaam on Saturday.The crowd suddenly warmed up when Lady Jay Dee took to the stageand began performing a number of her songs, and things went wild when she performed her new hit Ndi ndi ndi. Ali Kiba too got the same reception and was even begged to continue performing after his time was up. Another artists who made a great performance was Boniventure Kabobo 'Stamina'. The festival which was sponsored by Star Times, also had Juma Kasimu 'Juma Nature', Madee,Yamoto Band, Snura  and many other artists who performed using playback mode. 
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