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Thursday, September 8, 2016


By Staff Reporter 
The National Association of House Wives has written a letter congratulating the government for bringing the country into a big shortage of pocket money.
According to the Association, their husbands now return home in the evening straight from the office after work as the husbands no longer have money to visit beer joints and stay there till late in the nights.
Also, the Association said that they are having a good laugh against their husband's 'michepuko' who their husbands have abandoned for some time now. Their husbands no longer have enough money to spend at home let alone spending for the side chicks so many husbands have opted to be faithful to their wives this period of depression to save money and have peace of mind from the complaints of those michepukos who of recent have been venturing in unending complaints that the men no longer give them money as before .

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