Friday, September 23, 2016


I was broke so I called my uncle and asked him for some money he told me to meet him at a hotel in the upper class part of town, my uncle lives there. While waiting I ordered a Coke, I then noticed an expensively dressed man walk in, and sat down not very far from me. He ordered a glass of orange juice a few minutes later, a young man went straight to this man, and I heard him beg the rich man for money as he had lost his son and needed money for burial, without even thinking the rich man took out a cheque book and wrote a cheque and told the young man, 'Take this 500,000/- it should help you'. I was  shocked. The man kept on sipping his orange juice when a elderly woman walked in looked around and saw this man and she went straight to tell him that she had lost money in her mango selling business and was asking for a new start of only 20,000/- He gave her a cheque of 200,000/-. This was too much I decided to try my luck. So I went down on my knees, tears  in my eyes and began telling a very sad story, before I got far I heard 'Cut cut cut, whats wrong with you? We are making a movie here please, get out'

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