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Sunday, October 30, 2016


Two young men were walking down the street in an expensive neighbourhood, they passed a beautiful woman who signalled them. One day decided to answer the signal, the other told him it was a trap. The other young man just left his friend and told him,'Trap or no trap its better to die of sweetness'. Soon he was off holding the lady's soft hand lady. The poor young man could not believe his luck after entering the lady's expensive house, and he was told to take off his shirt and relax. Just as he though of taking off his trousers, there was a knock on the door. The woman looked shocked and she said, 'Thats my husband, take the iron and pretend you are ironing the clothes'. The husband came in , wearing army uniforms, kissed his wife and asked , 'Who is this?' The wife answered, 'Oh him, he is just a boy I hired to come and iron our clothes' And so the poor young man ironed all the clothes, after finishing the lady gave him 2 thousand shillings and thanked him.
The poor guy ran straight to his friend and told him what had happened. His friend said I warned you. I knew it. All the clothes you ironed today, were washed by me yesterday.

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