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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Please I need advice immediately.  I have a girlfriend. She is 21, while I am 25. She has two mobile phones which I bought her, a samsung J5 and an iPhone 6,  while I am using Nokia torch. I bought the phones for her because I love her so much. I send her 1000/- credit to her phones everyday but she doesn't call me. She only flashes me when she needs something She always calls this other guy and  she says she loves him and will marry him. When I ask her about it she says he is who she was calling, she always says she is just joking. She has never ever visited my house and she doesn't allow me to visit her house. Whenever I want to hug her she would shout at me harshly. . What should I do? Should I increase the recharge card I buy for her  5000/-  everyday? or should I buy another iphone 7 for her and ipad for her too? I know that she loves me very much. ? Advise me pliz??

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