Saturday, October 22, 2016


This Chinese made Fokon motorcycle  with registration number T 684 CJZ  has been left out in the street for a year now. It was parked by someone when it was brand new and the person has never been seen since. But the story behind it is quite strange.The bike is parked at Mganga Veterinary Motorcycle stop in Temeke Dar es Salaam. No one wants to touch it even the police have failed to move the motorbike from the spot. It is said if you just went near the bike or touched it, it would switch itself on. This has since scared everyone. Motorcyclists who use the stop reported to the police about the bike. The police got scared because of the way the bike behaved. The policemen from a police post nearby informed the District police station and even they could do nothing about it. No one knows the owner of the bike,it is now believed that the bike is controlled by dark forces. It seems no one knows the real story behind this bike.
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