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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


A lecturer walked into a class room and told all the students that there will be an emergency test...
.He went straight to the black board and wrote the following
the instructions for the test:
1) time is 15mins
2) no copying
3) no cancellation of answers.
He told the students to get ready for two simple test questions
Q1) List four of your favourite food.  With great speed the students started writing..

Boy's were writing Ugali, rice, beans, Maandazi, Chapati etc...
The girls were busy writing Hot dogs, pizza, burger, vanilla ice cream etc....
All the ladies were happy until they saw the final question
Q2) Explain how to prepare the food you have listed above
.You could see the girl's angry faces as the began cancelling their choices changing answers to tea, coffee and boiled milk

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