Saturday, February 4, 2017


I had just moved out of my parents house, against their advice and was sharing a room with my "friend". I had no idea he smoked weed, despite his suspicious movements and signature weed scent barely two weeks after moving in with him. My worst fears were confirmed as he started bringing home his weed smoking buddies and they would occassionally roll a wrap and smoke it right there in the room. Being a very curious I always wondered what made them happy after smoking, so I decided to find out. It was a very hot day in February, a hot Saturday it was, my friend was out as usual. I searched everywhere for his stash but couldn't find it so I decided to go and buy mine. I arrived the weed joint all sweaty and nervous, half expecting to get muged but nobody seemed to be aware of my presence there, they were all on different planets all expect one, I concluded that he must be the seller so I approached him and the following conversation ensued: 
Me: I want to buy a piece
Weed seller: How much? 
Me: Just a small piece.
Weed seller laughs really hard, maybe he found out I was new in the game, so he asks which brand? Arusha , Mbeya or Makambako?
Me: Just give me any; he laughs louder and rolls me a piece and I gave him a thousand shillings he gives me back a change of 800 shillings. Now that was cheaper than I thought, much cheaper. On my way home I bought a box of biscuits and a bottle of Fanta, I wanted to enjoy my first experience. To cut the long story short I arrived home and smoked the whole joint ate up all the biscuits and drank my cool refreshing Fanta and felt fine nothing strange. So I called up my room mate and told him I had smoked a whole joint and nothing has happened while he and his friends smoke half a joint and make a hell lot of noise. My friend just laughed and told me my head must be pretty strong. I decided to take a nap. I woke up 20 minutes later on the floor and I was banging my head on the floor and I couldn't stop it, I could hear my heart beating very fast, it was frightening a bit as I could clearly hear the sound of my blood flowing in my veins. Suddenly a voice told me to take of my clothes, I stopped banging my head on the floor and undressed, and the voice said run to the bathroom and shower, I did and immediately when I tried to shower I found the water was boiling hot so I ran out of the bathroom. This was confusing so I called my room mate again and asked him what to do, he just laughed and cut me off. Things were getting worse, a group of ants started biting me in my private parts, I just don't know where they came from,  and also there was this severe itch behind my neck, I knew it was the devil itch, the devil wanted to kill me, I had to go to the nearest church for prayers as devils are afraid of prayers, I ran from my room heading to the church, people were cheering at me in the streets because I ran faster tha Hussain Bolt. It was when I reached the church gate which was closed that I realized I had not put on my clothes. But the voice in my head told me not to worry nobody can see me, I had acquired supernatural powers and was now invisible. A group of people came from nowhere and held me, I told them it was okay no one can see me, they also agreed with me but they tied my hands behind and carried me of to hospital. I tried to tell the doctor that all I need was a bottle of Fanta that would help in chasing away bad spirts that had attacked me,  instead he injected me something that put me to sleep. I woke up the next day. I moved back to my parents that very day and vowed never to smoke anything again

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