Tuesday, May 16, 2017


TODAY has been a very interesting day, I was invited to a car showroom, they hate it being called a car shop, hahaha. There I was in this beautiful showroom full of beautiful Ford models. The showroom is situated at the Maktaba Street, quite near the national library. That's where the street got its name from Maktaba is Kiswahili for library. I was invited to sit on a nice black leather seat and a cup of coffee was laid in front of me that was niiice. The show room belongs to CMC Automobile Ltd a very respectable Automobile company. Seeping coffee and staring at the beautiful cars, my mind went back to the history of these beautiful cars. Henry Fords' dreams are the seed of the Ford cars. Henry constructed his first car at his home in Detroit in 1896, and he called this car quadricycle. Soon him and his comrades come up with a  manufacturing company and named it the Detroit Motor Company it was then 1899, but by 1901 the company collapsed. Soon another company came up, it was named Henry Ford Company, it too soon collapsed leaving Henry Ford with $900 in cash and the right to the company name. he worked hard collecting together a number of comrades who came up with money to establish another car manufacturing company, this paid off and on June, 13 1903, Ford Motor Company began the journey it never stopped. Millions of Ford cars of all shapes and sizes have been manufactured in the last 100 years. Ford has been developing better and better cars. A long way from the first famous Model T Fords. The company has learnt many lessons and is coming up with fantastic cars, powerful, sturdy, yet very beautiful and comfortable. Some of the cars I had a chance to see close with the coffee cup in my hand sipping and wishing I owned one of these sweeties.  The showroom has many different models pass by and see for yourself.


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