Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Harbinder Singh Sethi and James Rugemalira have again been brought before the Resident Magistrate now being charged with 12, up by six from the last time they appeared in court. The charges include money laundering, which caused a loss to the government to the tune of  USD 22, 198, 544.60 and Tshs 309,461,300,158. 27.

They were not allowed to enter any plea as the the court lacks jurisdiction to hear cases filed under economic and organized crimes act., and they continue to be remanded as their crimes are unbailable under the Tanzanian Law. The case will again come up for mention on 14th July.
The accused, Rugemalila who owns 30% of IPTL and Harbinder, the Executive Chairman of PAP, between 18th October 2011 and 19th March 2014, met in South Africa, Kenya and India and colluded to fraudulently get money.
On the second count it is alleged by running a criminal syndicate between those dates planned to commit crime and profit from it.
In the third count it is alleged that on 20th October 2011,  Harbinder filled form 14 of the registration of companies and stated that he was a Tanzanian residing on plot no 887 of Mrikau Street in Masaki, while knowing it was a lie.
In the fourth count Harbinder is accused of presenting form 14a to an officer of registration of companies Seka Kasera with intent of showing that he was a Tanzanian residing in Mrikau Street.
In the 5th count, both the alleged are accused of withdrew USD 22,198,544.60 and Sh 309, 461,300,158.27, between November 28/29, 2011 and January 23, 2014 at the Hq of Stanbic Bank Kinondoni and Mkombozi bank St Joseph Branch which was fraudulently received from the Central bank.
In the 6th count, the accused are said to have caused a loss of USD 22, 198, 544.60 and Sh 309,461,300,158.27.
 to the Tanzania Government. 
The seventh count, was that between November 29th 2013 and January 23rd 2014 at different places in dare s Salaam the accused received USD 22,198,544.60 and Tsh 309,461,300, 158.27 and bank of Tanzania while knowing the money was  gains from organized crime.
8th count was the allegation that on the 29th 2013, Sethi laundered USD 22,198,544.60 at the Stanbic Bank, the money he received from the Bank of Tanzania while having the knowledge that the money was illegally obtained.
9th count states that between November 29, 2013 and March 14 2014, Harbinder laundered Sh 309,461,300,158.27 at the Stanbic bank Kinondoni, while infull knowledge that the money was obtained through organized crime.
In the twelfth count Rugemalila is accused of laundering
Sh 73, 573, 500,000 at the Mkombozi Bank, ASt Joseph Branch, the money he received from Harbinder and while knowing the money was obtained through illegal means
In the 11th count Rugemalila is accused of laundering USD 22,000,000 he received from Harbinder while knowing it was obtained illegally.
In the last count, Harbinder is accused of transferring 1,305,800 South African Rands to account number 022655123 Standard Bank Land Rover Sandton Johannesburg, while knowing the money was obtained illegally.

The accused have been remanded until July 14 2017.

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