Wednesday, August 9, 2017


President Uhuru Kenyatta has taken a strong lead in the early vote counting, after Tuesday's election. He is already ahead as 80% of the results have been counted. The incumbent President has 55% of the vote against 44% for his rival, Raila Odinga. But so far the opposition doesn’t agree with the results.
"They are fictitious, they are fake," said Mr Odinga. The electoral commission is urging people to wait calmly for full results. If the opposition continues with the stance there is a fear of a repeat of the violence that followed the disputed 2007 election when more than 1,100 Kenyans died and 600,000 were displaced.
"During this critical phase, we urge all Kenyans to exercise restraint as we await official results from the polling stations and indeed as they start trickling in," the commission said.

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