Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bela Fleck, Anania Ngoliga, John kitime in the African Project

In 2005 Bela Fleck the Grammy-winning banjo legend Bela Fleck, passed through Tanzania and stayed for a week in Bagamoyo, meeting with a number of musicians, jamming with them, he with his Banjo, and musician here with their traditional instruments, like the Zaramo wooden marimba, Various Wagogo instruments performed by children and grandchildren of the great Hukwe Zawose, the Litungu played by Mzee Chacha Matiku, and here he met Anania Ngoliga, a blind multi-instrumentalist, but then playing the Kalimba. They was instant recognition of one great artist to another. Many experiments were done when these two played together, Bela on the banjo, Anania on the Kalimba. A few years later Bela arranged a tour through several cities in the USA, it was called The African Project. Anania Ngoliga was accompanied by his friend John Kitime, who played the accoustic guitar, joined the great African artists like the South African guitarist, Singer and songwriter Vusi Mahlasela, Madagascar’s maverick guitarist D’Gary and West Africa’s greatest kora player Toumani Diabaté, It was  super show playing to sold out amost everywhere. Here are photos of the perfomances;
Kitime, Anania, Cassey Dreissen a great fiddler

Kitime and Anania

Anania and Bela Fleck

Kitime, Anania, Bela fleck

With Vusi and Toumani

Anania and Vusi

The African Project

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