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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Msondo Ngoma group, which can be called  the oldest band in the country recently received brand new music equipment from Tanzania Distilleries Limited, distillers who produced a number of brands of drinks including Konyagi. The band has started using the equipment, and has been given a new life. The band was put up in 1964 by the then workers union then known as NUTA, and the band was known as NUTA Jazz Band, the union changed its name to JUWATA, and the band too changed its name to JUWATA Jazz Band, the union changed its name for the third time to OTTU, and the band had to follow suit, it became known as OTTU Jazz Band. And finally the union collapsed, and the musicians were given the  music instruments as their terminal benefits. They formed a band and called it by the name of the style that they had been consistent with since the band was formed 'MSONDO'. The band is now known as Msondo Group.
Said Mabela-Lead Guitar

The new speakers

Shaaban Dede

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  1. wow! i love country music, its pretty cool..i love to play guitar and drums its pretty cool and awesome..