Friday, March 22, 2013


What a night, began the evening at the Holiday Inn at the roof-top where there was this group of elderly musicians, The African Influence, who were playing a string of classic oldies like Love Me Tender, Quando Quando, Take five and such like taking me back years while sipping my mango juice, what an experience. From the roof top I moved to Magomeni Garden Breeze Bar, here in the open air and for free, one of the oldest and the top bands in Tanzania was performing a variety of their hits and simply driving all and sundry crazy. I then ended up in Kinondoni's Mango Garden, and there was this taarab group that is lead by a female singer who calls herself the She Lion , Isha Mashauzi, in between there was the cake eating ceremony, celebrating her younger sister's birthday. Nice cake. I was invited to the party.

African Influence

African Influence
Msondo Ngoma

Mashauzi Classic

Isha Mashauzi

Johnny Rocks-African Influence

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