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Sunday, September 25, 2016


Have you ever attended a wedding and wanted to know the age of the bride? It's very easy, and this blog will show you how, without asking any one.
 If the bride is between the age of 18-21 years, there will be almost no dancing by the bride or her parents, rather there will be sad scenes of the bride and her mother hugging each other and crying every now and then, because mother would begin missing her baby girl.

When the bride is between 22-25 years, only the bride will be dancing while the mother will sit and watch with wet eyes and forced back tears because her daughter is all grown up and ready to face the life of marriage, there will be no hugging, mother acknowledges her baby is now grown up..

When the bride is between 26-30 years, both mother and daughter will be dancing with all their might and strength in joy that the daughter has gotten a man at the right age time frame.

If she is between 31-35 years, daughter, mother and father will be trying to outdo each other on the dancing arena, really celebrating that it is better late than never.

If she 36 years and above, it’s a family dancing event, the father, mother, brothers, sisters, and the entire extended family will take over the dancing arena because they almost lost all hopes she would find a man in her life.

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