Monday, September 19, 2016


Honestly yesterday was the saddest day in my life. I was at a bus stop waiting to take a bus home. I was holding my new phone listening to music through the earphones, when I heard a young lady complaining she had lost her phone. So I went near her to listen to what she was saying, I saw this well dressed woman who looked quite wealthy, as soon as she saw my phone she shouted, 'That's my phone, that's my phone'. For a moment I couldn't even open my mouth, I was so confused. She held my shirt collar and gave me stinging slap, I saw stars. The crowd started beating me up, luckily a policeman was passing by and stopped further punishment. He orders us to follow him to the police station. When we reached there I tried my best to explain that I was innocent but the woman kept interrupting. So the policeman asked for the woman's number and dialed through his phone. The call was picked by a girl, who said the number belonged to her mother who had left her phone at home. I cried more now because I had  been disgraced, beaten, abused all for nothing. The policeman told the woman to settle me with some money. The woman wrote a cheque of 2 million shillings and gave it to me. With tears in my eyes I headed to the bank. Just when I was handing the cheque to the teller, my friend shook me up and said, 'Hey sleepy head wake up let's go school' I started crying again

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