Saturday, October 29, 2016


Jane sat on  her bed angry and frustrated, she had just dialed Amina's number for the 100th time and it was not being picked. The problem was that Amina had taken three pairs of expensive shoes and several new dresses from Jane's shop, and she was supposed to have paid for them weeks ago, but she just went underground. She didn't respond to text messages and she obviously ignored calls. Jane was getting desperate, she needed the money to continue her newly launched venture of selling Chinese made clothes.
Then an idea crossed her mind. She sent the following text message, 'Hi Amina I am not calling for the money, I just wanted to tell your husband did a shameful thing today. 2 girls were fighting over your sweetheart in town today,the fight ended when  one girl ran away and your husband got into a taxi with the winner and headed straight for a nearby hotel'. Then things warmed up, Jane's phone started ringing, it was Amina. Jane ignored the many calls that followed, until a text arrived, followed by several, they were all questions, 
'Where was the fight?', 
'Do you know the girl my husband left with?',
 'Where did they go?'
 This was again followed by a number of calls which Jane ignored, until a new text message arrived, 'Honey I have your money where can we meet?'. That's when Jane answered, ' Sorry my sweet friend, I was a bit busy, send me the money, I will use that to get a taxi and pick you up and we will go to confront your unfaithful husband'. Seconds later a text message confirmed that money sent to Jane's account. It was twice the amount owed.  That's when Jane switched off her phone and went to have her beauty sleep

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