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Friday, October 28, 2016


My dad called me when he heard there was a riot in my school...
Dad: Hello son, where are you?
Me: My hostel.
Dad: Good, I heard there is riot. Don't go out, don't follow them, you know your family background, stay in your room. You hear me?
Me: Okay Dad....
(Dad calls back five minutes later)
Dad: My son, what caused the riot?
Me: They increased our school fees from 3,000,000 shillings to 600,000,000 shillings. Our vice Chancellor said its time for CHANGE.
Dad: Where are you now?
Me: In my room.
Dad: What! Are you mad? Why are you not with the others?
Me: But dad...
Dad: Shut up and join them, carry matchet!! Carry anything...!!! Go go go you stupid fool

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