Monday, October 24, 2016


You stop your car and pick up a beautiful girl who asks for a lift, suddenly she loses consciousness in your car, and you have to take her to a nearby hospital. Now this is STRESS! After a few tense minutes, a nurse comes out smiling widely and congratulates you, saying your wife has given birth to healthy baby boy. You try to explain that you have nothing to do with the baby, the nurse tell you that you must be married because that's what all men married men say when they impregnate innocent young girls. You are now really STRESSED. So you say you are ready for any test to prove that you are not the father. After the test the nurse comes back wit the results and says, 'I am sorry sir you can't be the father since you
are genetically sterile, forgive me'. This is a STRESS, combined with a relief. You leave the hospital smiling, suddenly it hits you, that you have three kids. That's
what the REAL STRESS is.  What do you do or say
to your wife when you get home?

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