Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Mapunda decided to see a Pastor from a new church that had been established just across the street, that seemed to be in every neighbours talk;
Mapunda: Man of God help me Pastor : My Son, what is it? 
Mapunda : My enemies are at work my business is running down.
Pastor : Ah! that's a small problem, the Lord will surely sorve that, kneel down let me pray for you. Ahhhh your business will surely rise again. Our church members will buy from you. My family will buy from you! I will personally buy from you! Aahhhhh, the neighbors will buy from you. Can I get an Amen. 
Mapunda : Amennnnnnn ooooooh Pastor! Thank You Very Much Pastor. 
Pastor : Thank the Lord my son, he has opened up your business once again. He has put your enemies to shame. By the way what do you sell, So that I can announce at every prayer meeting?
Mapunda : Sir, I make and sell coffins

Pastor: Fireeeeee!!! Holy Ghost fire, nobody will buy from you, I shall not ever know your shop, may my family never see your shop, fire, fire, our members will never buy from you!!! The Lord will dry your business, your enemies will prosper.
Amen! Amen!! and Amen!!!

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